Committee & Coaches

To contact any member of the committee, please email and mark it for their attention in the subject line.

The names and roles are correct for as of 1st August 2020.


Chair: Ashley MacDonald

Vice Chair (Club Business): Glenn Collins

Vice Chair (Club Service): Mark Knight

Secretary / Welfare Officer: Lynne Quelch

Treasurer: VACANT

Head Coach: Arron MacDonald

Associate Head Coach: Hayley Rigby


Sub-Committee Lead: Mark Knight

Secretary / Welfare Officer: Lynne Quelch

Deputy Welfare Officer: Matthew Bullock

Publicity Officer: Arron MacDonald

Publicity Team: Andrew Borkett & Sam Howard


Sub-Committee Lead: Glenn Collins

Secretary / Senior NBL Manager: Lynne Quelch

Treasurer: VACANT

U12 Mixed Team Manager: Beatriz Dominguez
U14 Boys Team Manager: Angie Williamson

U14 Girls Team Manager: VACANT

NBL Boys Team Managers: Louise Sparks & Sam Whiteman

Boys U13 Development Team Manager: Angie Williamson

Boys U15 Development Team Manager: Louise Sparks & Sam Whiteman

Local League Men Team Manager: Andrew Borkett

Senior Women Team Manager:  VACANT

"Get Back Into Basketball" Session Manager: Matthew Bullock


Sub-Committee Lead: Arron MacDonald (NBL Men Head Coach)

Sub-Committee Deputy: Hayley Rigby (U16 Boys/Senior Women Head Coach)

Club Captain: Billy Smith

U12 Head Coach: Jo Brawn

U14 Girls/Senior Women Head Coach: Leanne Lockwood

U14 Boys/U18 Men Head Coach: Ty Sevendik-Burnett

U18 Men Head Coach/U16 Boys Assistant: Adam Maddison

Local League Men Head Coach: Glenn Collins

Local League Men Head Coach: David Wise

Get Back Into Basketball Coach: Matt Moss

Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach: Rob Lancaster

Assistant Coaches: 
Andrew MacDonald

Patrick Merryweather

Abi Whiteman

Brandon Marshall

McNeil Kasohnko

Alice Schute

Sam Howard