Acting on Membership Survey Feedback - Bulldogs Launch Junior Member Drillbooks

Bury St. Edmunds Basketball Club are pleased to announce the launch their Junior Member Drillbook.

The drillbook is aimed to give junior members within the club access to focused drills and exercises to improve their skills outside of core practice time.

With the Bulldogs coaches already making use of the One2One Basketball curriculum of session plans, the club took on-board feedback from the recent membership satisfaction survey - and the release of the first Junior Member Drillbook is in direct response to the feedback.

"It's fantastic that so many of our members engaged with us through the membership satisfaction survey" said Head Coach Arron MacDonald, "However, it's really difficult for us to action every piece of feedback. For example, we have members who would prefer an earlier training time, others who'd prefer not to train on Sunday afternoons/evenings, and others still who'd like everything under one roof."

"In those cases, it's really important to step back and analyse what we can affect, what is within our span of control, and what other factors are affecting the availability of facilities. As a club, we don't have our own facility, or indeed, every time slot we'd like, as there's a wider sporting community to consider across West Suffolk, and Skyliner isn't just our venue - so we're often competing with other clubs and groups for bookings, or the other clubs are there first. Essentially, we've been really fortunate to get as many bookings as we have around West Suffolk, at some fantastic venues, and while we are working on other projects relating to our venues, we cannot dictate to anybody when we will train - which we hope everyone can understand."

"A key theme emerging from some of our younger players was that they wanted to practice more frequently. Again, we'd love to hold multiple practices for everybody each week - but being a volunteer-led club, and being limited by the availability of local venues - means this isn't possible at this time. However, a lot of our younger players work on their skills outside of practice - which is great - and so we wanted to give the players access to some exercises they could undertake in their own time."

"Whether they're playing in clubs at school, at a local outdoor hoop or in their back garden, we believe that it's in the best interest of basketball players to play basketball! While we believe that players should play and experiment and express themselves, sometimes it's just one player on their own, and we felt that this was a further opportunity to engage with our members, and give them some guidance as to how they could work to develop their game."

The club have circulated the session plans to Team Managers and Coaches at the club, and copies will be sent free to any club member that asks for one - so please speak to your coach to get your copy!