Bulldogs Announce Two New Sessions

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Bury St. Edmunds Basketball Club are pleased to announce two new sessions to help them grow the game of basketball around Bury St. Edmunds...

From Monday 4th March, the club will launch "Get Back Into Basketball", a session aimed at getting players aged 16 or older back into sport.

"Our club is committed to offering 'Ball for All' and there's been a ton of work on this project" said Head Coach Arron MacDonald, "We're following-through on our promises by creating this session, and giving lapsed players and beginners the opportunity to play basketball regularly."

In addition to the "Get Back Into Basketball" session, the Bulldogs will also be offering a greater opportunity for junior basketball, as they introduce the "Bulldogs Skill School", a term-time skills session running in six week blocks from Tuesday 23rd April.

"We've been inundated by players and parents seeking additional sessions with us" said Coach MacDonald, "this not only affords us the opportunity to further develop our players in the week, but also to look to make our Sunday sessions more focused towards gameplay - which we believe will engage our players even more, and help our Coaches to develop the best players possible."

If you'd be interested in attending either session, and would like more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.