Bulldogs Go The Extra Mile...

With the season fast-approaching, members of five different teams at the club came together to undertake a marathon challenge...

Fifteen players from across the U14, U16 & U18 Boys and Local League & National League Senior Men (and one coach) took part in a "Basketball Marathon", as they aimed to pass and dribble the equivalent distance of a marathon, whilst also scoring 5,000 points between them.

As it turned out, the group were motivated to go the extra mile... or more!

The group combined to dribble over 30 miles and pass the ball almost 31 miles, whilst recording a staggering 15,000 points in the morning, all whilst raising money for the club.

"It was an astounding effort from the lads" said Head Coach Arron MacDonald.

"I jumped in early and rattled off my share of the original target - and I was beat, but they just kept going!"

MacDonald also had special praise for a group of veteran players in attendance, saying: "While the Under 16 Boys undoubtedly kept the scoreboard ticking over through the day, I think it was really valuable for the youngsters to see the drive and work ethic of the veteran players at the club."

"They could see guys like Andy Binns and Neil Thompson were there grinding away and knocking-off the miles - or Ben Berwick, a new signing at the club doing the same alongside Club Captain Billy Smith, while the four of them were constantly encouraging the others vocally. It was great to see, and it's the kind of event that helps build bonds across the teams at the club, and while it's a shame that we didn't have more members involved, seeing how the guys who took part enjoyed it, I know this will be a bigger event for us next year."

If you'd like to make a donation to the club in recognition of the efforts put in by the club members at the marathon, please head to our home page, and click the "donate" button to make a donation via PayPal.