Bulldogs Launch Membership Survey

As part of our ongoing project to develop our club, the management committee of Bury St. Edmunds Basketball Club have today launched our first ever membership survey.

Head Coach Arron MacDonald said "Our club's grown significantly again over the past year, we've focused on our values and culture across the club and we believe that it's helped us to build a more positive club, built around putting our players and members at the heart of everything we do."

"As we've looked at ways to develop our club, a common theme has developed that shows that while we aim to build everything around our players and members, we've never given our members a means to formally provide us with feedback - everything's always been received on an ad-hoc basis."

"To show just how much we value our members, we've launched our feedback survey - and we'll be keeping this open indefinitely - so as to ensure that our members are able to provide us real-time feedback on their experiences."

The survey is available below, or alternatively you can find it here...