Bulldogs Looking for "Final Pieces" of the Puzzle

With the Senior team getting ready for their debut National League season, Head Coach Arron MacDonald is looking for a couple of signings to round-out the squad.

"We've made a good start to our pre-season preparations, and will start to announce our playing squad over the coming days and weeks" said Coach MacDonald.

"I believe in the group we've brought together, we're going to be a tough, hard-working and unselfish team, that being said, we're still looking for one or two more players to round out our squad, ideally adding a bit more size and quality."

Off the court, the side have made another addition to their staff, with Andrew Borkett joining the staff as a video co-ordinator.

"Andrew's been a part of the club for a few years now, and has been largely responsible for a lot of the image and video content at the club", said Coach MacDonald, "he's joining us as a video co-ordinator, and we'll be looking to lean on his expertise to continue producing this kind of content, whilst also working with him to develop his knowledge and ability in terms of video and statistical analysis. He's going to be another superb addition to this side."

If you'd be interested in joining the Bulldogs Senior National League side, please contact us to discuss further - please note that all players must be aged 18+, and we would appreciate you confirming your height and experience within the game.