Bulldogs Looking to Go the Extra Mile... Again!

In 2019, our club ran its' first ever "Basketball Marathon" fundraiser, and we're pleased to announce that it's coming back! Our next Basketball Marathon will take place on 14th August at Culford School Sports Centre.

In our first year, we had just fifteen participants who managed to tally >15,000 points, dribble 31 miles and pass the ball 30 miles, as they raised funds for the club, and earned money off their season fees.

The original event cost £20.00 to participate in, and this season, we're keen to get as many people involved as possible. As such, it costs just £10.00 to take part this season.

All participants will be provided with a sponsorship form, with all sponsorship to be split 50/50 between the club and the player (to put towards their season's costs).

We're hoping to have a HUGE turnout, and set a new record in terms of points, and distance covered - and we'd love you to be a part of it!

We're aspiring to dribble over 5,500 lengths of the floor, make over 21,000 passes, and to score a whopping 20,000 points - which (for context) is a career scoring mark achieved by fewer than 50 players!

"This is the first opportunity we've had since the pandemic to bring the whole club together" said Head Coach Arron MacDonald.

"I'm hoping we have a fantastic turnout across the club, which helps to give us some momentum heading into the 2021/22 season, and give some of our players a headstart towards their season's fees."

If you'd like to take part, book your place via the Spond App, or email us at: bulldogsbasketball@hotmail.co.uk and we'll get a sponsorship form over to you!