Bulldogs Looking to #RunTheSeason

As we begin to have some sense of the timescale for the return of indoor sport following the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt now was the ideal time to help our club members to ramp up their activity levels and introduce a new challenge across the club: #RunTheSeason.

From Sunday 28th April, we'd like all club members, their friends and family to share with us via social media their distance travelled - walking, running or cycling - for us to chart against the trips we'd have made to towns and cities during the 2020/21 season.

This is a challenge for all of the club to participate in (whether your team would have made that specific trip or not), and although we'd expected to travel 5,300 miles during the course of a season (which is more than the distance between Bury St. Edmunds and Las Vegas!), we'll be attempting to travel around 1,500 miles over the next 50 days.