Bulldogs move to Spond Platform

Over the coming few weeks, you'll notice a few changes on our website, and how to book onto our sessions, as the club moves onto the Spond platform.

Across the club, we've previously made use primarily of the "Teamo" platform for team management - but having seen the functionality of the app decrease, and having received significant feedback from across the club, we decided it was time to move away from this platform ahead of our return to play.

"One look at Spond sold it to me." said Head Coach Arron MacDonald

" They exist to serve clubs, and give back time to volunteers - and having had over 150 bookings across the club which I've managed manually over the past few weeks - on top of our normal email traffic - it's really brought it home to me that a better solution is required for a club of our size."

A glance at their website shows that "Spond is a free platform designed to deliver all the best bits of participating and nothing else. (They) streamline and simplify everything in one app so that volunteering doesn’t mean signing your life away. It saves organizers hours every week, ensures attendances, manages communications and collects money."

What this means moving forwards is that the "Training" page will remain live on the club's website for the coming days - to allow booking onto the weekend's sessions, with invitations to be sent out to relevant teams across the club over the coming days, which will allow players and parents to book onto future sessions.

Spond will assist club administrators in managing waiting lists, etc. and give us a means of team-specific messaging, too, whilst still complying with our high standards for safeguarding and welfare.

Please note that the Local League Men's side will remain using the Heja app at this time.