Club Shop Competition

With the Covid-19 crisis having ended the season, and school term, prematurely, we wanted to give our club members an opportunity to keep busy, stay involved with the club, and to help us in our preparations for next season...

We're looking for new designs for our Club Shop merchandise!

The design can be for a t-shirt or long-sleeve, with a black, green or white base.

We've provided templates below to work on...

We're keen that any designs don't re-design our club's Bulldog logo, and ideally we'd like a design we can use for the whole club, and that is in-line with our culture and values. With that being said, if your design is specific to a team or group, that's okay!

We'll pick a winner (or more), and any winning design will receive their shirt free of charge with the club's first order!

Designs are to be sent to

Closing date: 5:00pm Monday 20th April