End of Season Review: All Girls

From just six players in week one, our girls programme has grown significantly, and played a big part in the launch of the 'All Girls' campaign

I am privileged to be able to write the first All Girls End of Season review for our 2019/20 season. From our first session on 6th September 2019 to our last, we had 30 girls attend at least one session. Which is amazing.

We started with an ambition of offering basketball to girls and this ambition has become a reality.

When looking back at this season, there are a few highlights which come to mind…

The first being straight from the beginning, not knowing if anyone would turn up and seeing 6 girls walk through the door was a sigh of relief. This made me realise that it was a good decision from the club to reach out to the Girls in our area.

From this moment onwards the season was full of great moments. The next highlight for me was seeing 4 girls joining in a mixed basketball tournament. Playing their first ever game for the Bulldogs and with one of our girls being awarded the MVP award for the whole tournament. The next tournament our numbers grew even more, with 7 girls taking part, with some of these girls playing their first ever basketball game for a club.

During the run up to Christmas the club decided to run a Christmas camp towards the end of the holidays. This was open to boys and girls, with 4 girls turning up, having the desire to get better whilst having fun, was amazing to witness. Not long after this, the club organised to take a bus full of members to watch the BBL finals day on the 26th January. This was open to all members and when the girls heard about it, they were excited to join in. There were 8 girls sitting on that bus, after waking up extra early, shouting and screaming all day. I think it’s safe to say they had a great day.

One of the happiest days throughout the whole season was on the 28th February, I couldn’t believe the number of girls at training. We reached the most amount we had ever had, and it was such a brilliant session with nearly 20 girls laughing whilst working hard. To see this group, grow from 6 players so many was amazing!

The next highlight for me was celebrating International Women’s Day taking part in a 5K Park Run. We arranged for 10 girls to take part as well as parents and members of our women’s team. We all had a great morning full of laughs and muddy faces.

So, looking back should remind us of how far our girls’ team have come. It should also remind us that it’s just going to get better.

I just want to thank all the girls who have made this year such an enjoyable one. Also, the parents for their support and time they spend to allow they’re girls to play Basketball. A massive thank you to Alex Bartholomew, the Girl’s team manager, for all the hard work that Alex does behind the scenes.

It was also great to have some coaches helping me throughout the year, but a special thanks to Hayley Rigby and Angie Williamson for your coaching towards the end. Lastly, a huge thank you to the club for your continued support and enthusiasm towards this girls team.

Even though our first season has been cut short, it is absolutely fantastic to hear the girls have asked for a basketball and some have even asked for a hoop as an early birthday present. Even without their coaches nagging them they are still enjoying the sport whilst getting ready for the next season ahead!

All the best! See you all soon

Coach Jo Brawn