Free Junior Training Sessions on Zoom - Starting Next Week!

With more than two months having passed since the 2019/20 season came to an abrupt end, our coaches have stayed very busy, and we're pleased to announce that starting next weekend (30th May), our club coaches will begin running free, short training sessions on Zoom for our junior players.

The sessions we will be running are:

  • Under 12 Boys & Girls

  • Under 14 & Under 16 Girls

  • Under 14 & Under 16 Boys

Each week, the club will send emails to the contact addresses for the players in these age-groups with an invitation to participate.

"With in-person team training sessions remaining out of bounds, we've tried to use the technology available to us to start taking some positive steps towards next season." said the club's Associate Head Coach, Hayley Rigby. "We're dealing with the uncertainty as to the timeframe for returning to the court, and having a group of coaches who are eager to meet and begin working with the players who might be a part of their team. So this seemed like the perfect way to engage the players and keep them involved in the sport - whilst giving the opportunity for them to receive coaching and feedback and get to know their coaches."

As ever, online security and safeguarding remains a high priority for us, as West Suffolk's only Clubmark-accredited basketball club. As such, we will be taking the following steps to safeguard participants:

(1) Recording of sessions via the Zoom platform will only be allowed on the club account and saved to the cloud, so that we have a record of the sessions run.

(2) The sessions will be led by qualified coaches.

(3) Invitations to these sessions (and the relevant passwords) will NEVER be shared by the club on social media, or any other public forum - they will only be sent via direct email.

(4) The only participants in these sessions will be the coaches and the players who have submitted an expression of interest for the 2020/21 season. The club's Lead Coaches or Welfare Officers may attend the sessions for the purpose of monitoring and feedback.

(5) The sessions will be moderated at all times, and any individual who is not behaving appropriately, or should not be attending the session will be removed.

If you'd be interested in becoming a junior Bulldog, and in participating in these sessions, then send us an expression of interest for the 2020/21 season.