Match Day Sponsorship Announced

Bury St. Edmunds Bulldogs Basketball Club are pleased to announce that Gascoynes Accountants will be the Matchday sponsors for the Senior Teams throughout the 2018/19 season.

Gascoynes’ Client Manager (and Reigning Bulldogs First Team “Most Valuable Player”) Ashley MacDonald had this to say on the partnership:

“For us, it was a no-brainer. Gascoynes are committed to supporting our community and in particular, local sports teams."

"Like Bulldogs, we believe in the life lessons learnt from team sports and I’ve seen first-hand all the fantastic work the club is doing. So I’m proud that Gascoynes can support another local club in this way.”

Bulldogs Head Coach Arron MacDonald had this to say on the fledgling partnership between the two organisations:

"We're grateful to Gascoynes for approaching us to partner with us for the season ahead, and for becoming our club's first ever matchday sponsor."

"It's a sign of the strides we've made as a club, not only have we been approached by Gascoynes - and a number of other organisations to partner with us - but it's a sign of how well our culture has embedded here; Ashley wanted to help the club build and grow, and leave a better club for the generation to follow; and thanks to his links with both organisations, he's been able to forge a partnership which we believe will benefit all of us."

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Gascoynes' logo (linked to their website) will feature on the club's website footer throughout the 2018/19 season.

If you'd be interested in supporting the Bulldogs and partner with us, like Gascoynes have, then get in touch!

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