Media Opportunities at Bury St. Edmunds Basketball Club

Bury St. Edmunds Basketball Club have openings for members of our Media Team for the 2020/21 season.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the media, or social media, we're keen to support you by providing the opportunities in various roles, supporting our club coaches and committee in delivering our vision for the club.

We are looking to help aspiring photographers, videographers, journalists, social media managers, reporters and interviewers on their career pathways by offering valuable media experiences on club matchdays.

  • Photography Capturing the action and emotion both on and off the court

  • Videography Record our matches for the purpose of coaching and publicity. Editing the footage into highlights.

  • Social Media Provide live updates on fixtures, create content on social media platforms and assist with the management of our twitter, instagram, facebook and youtube accounts.

  • Interviewing Getting post-game reactions from players, coaches and club personnel.

  • Journalism Writing articles and blogs to provide content for our website and social media.

You'll have the chance to build upon your existing skills and learn new ones, putting them into practice during our fixtures for our Senior Men's National League side, and our junior NBL teams. We're looking for people to work in various roles across our Media Team, so we can accommodate people interested in supporting us in just one role, or gaining experience across the media team... This is an opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in your chosen field - but it's important that you do what you'd like to do!

This opportunity is open to anyone aged 14+, and no experience in basketball or media is required. As a part of our media team, you would work with the club's Head Coach, Arron MacDonald.

If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity, please get in touch with Arron via our contact form.