New Drills - Dribbling With Purpose!

It's pre-season, and like everyone else, our coaches are keen to share new ideas with our players.

A big focus for us (combined with working on more challenging ball-handling skills) has been dribbling with a purpose, so we thought we would share these drills that we've just put in place to work on that skill.


This "Penetrate, Throw Out" warm-up drill is great for getting loose, helping players to build the foundations of a drive and kick offence, and working on dribbling and passing with purpose with both hands.

We set-up in a four-out allignment, with cones/chairs set-up and players evenly spread-out between the cones.

We have two balls, with spaces between them.

We start by going right, so the players have two dribbles to get two feet into the paint, they then pass to the next cone to their right, and follow the pass to that cone.

The drill continues until everyone is back in their original spot, we then run the drill going left.

This helps to reinforce dribbling with a purpose, and builds skill work into our warm-ups.


We saw this drill being run by Coach Geno Auriemma, and felt that this was another strong warm-up drill with no wasted motions.

Coach Auriemma runs the drill here:

We're always looking for new ideas to run with our players that fit-in with our concepts, so if you have any you'd like to share with us, tag us on twitter at @BuryBasketball and #ShareTheGame.