Return to Play Update: November 2020

With the latest Lockdown due to come to an end in the coming days, the club's Management Committee has taken the step of confirming that there will be no return to the court across the club until 2021.

The club's management committee have advised that the decision has been made in light of no information from DMCS (and subsequently, Basketball England) regarding permissable levels of competition within the government's new "tiers" system; and with this information not anticipated until the lockdown is lifted, there simply would not be the time to arrange training sessions that week - meaning a maximum of two sessions prior to the Christmas Break.

"I understand some people will be frsutated by this decision" said Head Coach Arron MacDonald.

"However, when we return to the floor, we want to ensure we're doing everything in our power to stay there, and get ready for some meaningful competition. The geographic diversity of our members has always been a benefit to our club - but looking at it through the lens of this pandemic - it represents a significant risk, not only to our staying on the court, but also to impacting the festive celebrations of our club members - at a time when for mental health reasons, the Christmas break is being looked forward to more than ever."

The club will now liaise with relevant stakeholders, before updating members and parents with their plans to return to the floor in 2021.