Support our club's Basketball Marathon...

With the first fundraiser of the year only a week away, preparations for our Basketball Marathon are well underway.

The event, held between 9am and 1pm on Saturday 7th September at Skyliner Sports Centre, is an opportunity for the whole club to come together and raise funds for the club - with members also getting the opportunity to raise some funds towards their season's fees.

Coach has signed up for the basketball marathon... will you join him on the day, too?

While many of our players have signed-up, the most recent commitment has been received from our Head Coach, Arron MacDonald - despite Arron having hung up his boots owing to injury five seasons ago!

"Seeing all the players putting themselves forward to commit to take part in the marathon, I felt like it would have been wrong of me not to also give it a go." said Coach MacDonald.

"It's going to be a challenging event, but ultimately we're all raising money for a cause we believe in - and hopefully, knowing that I'm going to be dragging myself up and down the court should encourage a few more people to give it a go, too!"

With 100% of Coach MacDonald's sponsorship going to the club, we're asking anyone who is able to support the club (but hasn't made a sponsorship pledge), please make a donation to us on paypal using the "donate" button on our homepage.

There's still time to participate in the marathon, just inform your team's coach that you're looking to take part, and download the sponsorship form here (please note, the form may not load correctly from a mobile phone).