"What if I Can't Make the Trial?"

With our news earlier this week about the Bulldogs applying to enter the National Basketball League, we've received a large number of enquiries from potential players.

If you have submitted your enquiry, we are keeping records of all interested players, and will send an email prior to the trial day.

With our trials being held on both a Bank Holiday and "Aspire" weekend, we've had a few enquiries from players and parents who are interested in becoming a part of the club, but aren't around that weekend.

While we'd love to have everyone at trials, we understand that people may already have plans - and that's okay.

We'd ask if you're interested in joining us, you still complete the form to register your interest, and inform us that you're unable to make the trial date - we will keep you on our records, and contact you to give you a trial session when we get your team together to train.

It is REALLY important that you do register your interest - as we have to ensure that we have the relevant numbers to proceed with this level of competition.

Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to drop us a line!